Not a Long Trip, as Journey Becomes Fastest Selling PSN Title in the US

It is said that the “third time’s a charm,” and it certainly seems that way following thatgamecompany’s release of Journey. Although the company’s previous two releases, flOw and Flower, were no slouches as innovative gaming experiences, as well as being positively received to critical-acclaim, Journey has taken the pole position in at least one regard.

Co-founder of thatgamecompany, Jenova Chen, presented some enjoyable news via the PlayStation.Blog saying, “Thanks to you all, Journey has officially broken PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store sales records, surpassing all games ever released on the PlayStation Network to become the fastest-selling game ever released on PlayStation Store, in both the SCEA and SCEE regions.” (inFamous: Festival of Blood was the previous record holder as the fastest-selling PSN title.)

Mr. Chen continued by describing the reaction from fans after Flower’s release in 2009, “After we released Flower in 2009, players sent hundreds of emails about their experience with the game. They varied from a 9-year-old girl to a 65-year-old man, from a marine serving duty overseas, to a soldier returning from Iraq.”

But it seems Journey broke another record for thatgamecompany, “And now, the reaction to Journey has been even more overwhelming. We have received more letters from fans in the two weeks since Journey’s launch than we did for Flower over the past three years!”

Mr. Chen then went on to express gratitude for all the continued fan support and then reveled one more tasty morsel of news, stating “Lastly, a lot of you have seemed to really enjoy the music in the game, which was composed by Austin Wintory. And we’ve received a lot of requests to release the soundtrack of the game. Well, I’m happy to announce that the soundtrack will be hitting the PS Store and iTunes on April 11, and there will be a limited CD release in the near future as well.”

This seems like one “Journey” that should not be missed, and in case you haven’t gotten a chance to the play the game for yourself check-out our review.

Game On.

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