Rune Factory 4 Has New Marriage Candidates: The Boss Monsters

Rune Factory, the ‘fantasy Harvest Moon series’, has proven popular enough to have three numbered DS entries, two forages onto the Wii platform, and a PS3 iteration as well. Thanks to its tested system of combining the traditional Harvest Moon elements of farming ‘life-simulation’ (complete with getting married and raising a family) with RPG elements, a fantasy setting, a deeper story, and combat, the popular series will soon be joined by Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS.

Rune Factory 4 will allow the player to choose between two main characters, Rest and Frei, to experience the game as either a male or a female, respectively. Following the formula of the previous Rune Factory games, you will then have a farm, grow crops, explore dungeons, capture monsters to domesticate them, and make friends with the various citizens in your town. What Rune Factory 4 is doing differently, however, is in addition to marriage candidates of the usual variety, you can now court the final Boss Monsters… after you defeat/befriend them, we imagine. For male main characters, there is Kohaku, a green-haired girl who is a plant-fairy named Ambrosia while in monster form. For girls, there’s Diras, a silver and black-haired boy who is a giant black unicorn named Raiden when in monster form…. Apparently, Rune Factory is letting you date Final Fantasy Summon Creatures now.

Rune Factory 4 will be released this July in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS system. No word yet on an American release date, but as all the other games in the series have made it over, it should be just a matter of time.


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  2. I love them!The monsters look so cool/cute too,and I know who im goingto marry,right away.

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