Capcom vs Sega vs Namco-Bandai!?

Ever wanted to play a game in which your favorite characters from Capcom, Sega, and Namco-Bandai got together to beat the hell out of each other? Well, wonder no more because the game is real, and it is coming for the Nintendo 3DS!

Project X Zone will feature iconic characters from the three companies, such as: Ryu, Mega Man, Jill Valentine & Dante from Capcom; Akira, Pai & Ulala from Sega; and Jin Kazama & KOS-MOS from Namco-Bandai; along with MANY more. The game is a strategy RPG where teams of two characters will engage in battles against one another. The game sports a stylized art-style reminiscent of old-school Super Nintendo graphics, but in the very best way.

Not a whole lot more is known about the game right now, other than it is scheduled for release sometime this year. Check out the awesome trailer below!