Dragon’s Crown Finds New Home with Atlus

Since 2004, Vanillaware has been cranking out that sprite-based goodness, representing the last bastion of high-quailty 2D game design; announced at last year’s E3, the tradition continues with Vanillaware’s next project–Dragon’s Crown.

Publishing duties were being handled by UTV Ignition Games, but in a press release dropped last week, UTV Ignition Games announced it “has now exited from all internal development of Dragon’s Crown” and that all publishing rights were acquired by Atlus.

Atlus PR manager Aram Jabbari confirmed the news via the PlayStation Blog. In his post, Jabbari revealed that Altus would be handling publishing duties in Japan and North America. He further revealed that, “key (and very talented) members of the Atlus internal development team will be involved with the project as producer(s).”

How will this affect the game? “For one, it means that it’s going to be better than ever. It will, however, come a bit later than originally expected, as it’s now slated for release in 2013.”

Although no pricing is set, Jabbari states that the “game simply cannot retail for $29.99.”

In Dragon’s Crown players take the role of one of six adventurers who must roam labyrinths in search of treasure and the legendary “Dragon’s Crown.” With 2D multiplayer action, up to four players can connect around the world to play through the game together.

Dragon’s Crown will be available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Game On.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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