Best Single-Player Game of the Year Nomination

Max’s recommendations for Game of the Year continue with best single player game; only one more left!


Best Single-Player: Far Cry 3

The only reason this game isn’t my “Best Overall Game of 2012” choice is because people will argue that a “Best Game Overall” choice needs to have a multiplayer option, and although Far Cry 3 has some multiplayer options, that’s not why you’d want to buy Far Cry 3.

I’m going to cut to the chase: Far Cry 3 is amazing. To use the terrible box quote: “It’s like Skyrim, but with guns”, except it really kind of is. By that I mean you roam an open world, level up, get perks and skills, craft new items, hunt wildlife, look for side-quests and hidden treasure, and kill bad guys. However, it’s the graphics, the story, and the characters that are the highlights of this game. It’s scary, it’s sickening, it’s captivating, and it’s a mind-twister. There will be no spoilers here, but I will say this: The villains in this game are truly terrifying and convincing, and they will keep you coming back for revenge. I always figured being trapped on a jungle island in the Asian-Pacific with a bunch of modern day pirates and a crew of shallow friends from California would be terrifying and miserable, but this at least makes it fun by putting the experience into a video game in the comfort of my home. If you’ve played Far Cry 1 or Far Cry 2, forget about them. Pretend this is a new game, disconnected entirely, because that’s what it is; Ubisoft just knows how popular the whole “sequel” trend is. I’m even hoping for some cool DLC in the near future to extend the awesomeness that is Far Cry 3.

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