What We’ve (I’ve) Been Playing

We’re baaaaaaack! You will have to excuse the long absence on my part but I was back in the States, visiting family for the past few weeks. But, now that my vacation is finished and I am back in Japan, it’s time to get to the games.

imageThe last time we talked I was playing Lords of Shadow 2 and really enjoying it (in fact, as I am writing this the Alucard Story-DLC is downloading). Well, right before I left I was able to finish the game along with all the collectible hunting as well. While I did end up enjoying every second of the game, I have to admit that the sequel is not as strong as the other LoS games. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad or anything… it’s just that I kept waiting for that great tragedy that both the first and 3DS game ended on, and it never came. I guess they wanted an “up” ending this time around.

imageBeing on vacation, unfortunately, didn’t allow me to play any of the great games that have come out recently like inFamous: Second Son, Final Fantasy X/X2 HD, or MGS5: Ground Zero, but it did let me get caught up on a bunch of portables. I finally managed to finish both Phoenix Wright 3 and Game Center CX 2, after sitting on them  for a very long time. I also just started playing Professor Layton & the Azran Legacy as well. So far, the newest Layton game is exactly what I have come to know and love from the series and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. That being said, knowing that this will be the last Layton game does make playing it slightly bittersweet.

See you next time.

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