Hands-on With The Gravity Rush PS4 Remaster At Tokyo Game Show


The PlayStation Vita, much like the PSP, was a great handheld system that sadly never took in any territories outside of Japan. So recently, Sony has begun to port its first party Vita tittles to the PS4 and the next title to make the transition is the absolutely amazing Gravity Rush(check-out our review of the original Vita game). So lets talk about how Gravity Rush is different on the PS4.

It goes without saying that the game looks absolutely gorgeous on the PS4 and yet again BluePoint Games proves themselves as the master of the remaster. With regards to the Vita’s touchscreen and motion control mechanics the PS4 actually handles them a little bit better than then the Vita.

When Kat activates her gravity powers and flies around, you can pick the direction by using either the dualshock’s motion control or the analog sticks. Using the controller’s motion control is actually a big improvement over the Vita’s gyro-controls; compared to the Vita version I found myself only having to make slight and subtle movements in order to get Kat where I wanted her to go. The games dodge and gravity-slide mechanics, which utilized the Vita’s touchscreen, are now mapped to the L2/R2 buttons. Considering how central both of these mechanics were to fighting and map navigation the change to the shoulder buttons is quite welcome, and makes what was a sometimes cumbersome mechanic very easy to use. While these few changes may seem slight, they increase the overall experience of playing what was an already amazing game.

Regardless of wether you played and loved the game when it was first released on the Vita (like me), or if you never played the game before, you should definitely do yourself a favor and pick up this wonderfully beautiful and enjoyable game when it is released on February 9th for the PS4.